Small size
Stratum 3 TCXO
Widely applied in Femtocell, Nanocell and precise instruments and meters etc.

Feature list
1. Output
Frequency Range 9.60MHz ~ 50.00MHz

Common Frequencies
9.60MHz 10.00MHz 12.80MHz 13.00MHz 15.00MHz 16.32MHz 16.384MHz
18.432MHz 19.20MHz 19.44MHz 20.00MHz 26.00MHz 30.72MHz 40.00MHz
50.00MHz Customization  

Clipped sine wave 0.8Vp-p Min, Load: 10KΩ//10pF
2. Frequency Stability (Typical, @10.00MHz)
Temperature Stability(Refer to the table of Stability Selection & Coding Rules)
Short-term stability 5E-10/S(in stable temperature, without EMI/MEC or other interferences, test at 25℃after power-on for10 minutes)
3. Power Supply @25
Operating current 3.0V、3.3V
4. Current
    Operating Voltage 1mA (Typical)
5. Voltage control characteristics
Linearity ≤10%
Slope  Positive
6. Phase Noise(Typical, @10.00MHz)
1KHz      -145dBc/Hz

7. Environment Characteristics
Operable Working Temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
Storage Temperature   -55℃ ~ +105℃
Test Condition:
Amplitude: 0.75mm;acceleration: 10g;10Hz~2000Hz; a cycle per 30min, est for 2 hours in 3 directions (3 directions: X, Y and Z), IEC 68-2-06 Test Fc.
100g;6ms;half sine wave (3 directions: X, Y and Z), IEC 68-2-27 TestEa/Severity 50A.
Drop Test
To free drop at a height of 100cm to a concrete or steel-made smooth and rigid plane, IEC 68-2-32.
Stability Selection & Coding Rules

. Mechanical Structure(mm)
Outlines & Pins Function

*Tolerance ±0.2mm without marking
9. Weight: about 0.02g
10. Reflow Soldering Curve(RoHS)

11. Package: Tape & Reel(mm)