Clock Module

The clock module can achieve the performance of atomic clock based on DAPU's algorithm (over temperature and aging) and DAPU's high performance OCXO. Dapu can provide a variety of the synchronous and holdover clock module, to meet the different demands .

. Supports multiple reference input clocks: GPS, IEEE1588 or other clock sources)

. High holdover performance: 1.5US for 24 hours

. Quick Disciplined

It is used in LTE, LTE-Advanced, 5G base stations, digital video broadcast and general timing and Instrumentation applications.

Series Photo Features Package(mm) Stability Aging/year Phase noise
CM65 Holdover:±1.5us/24h △T=±30℃ DIP 65.0×65.0×19.0 ±1E-11~±5E-11 ±2E-8 -148dBc/Hz @1KHz
CM66 Dual-mode, 3.0uS/24h DIP 60.0×60.0×13.0 3.0us/24h,△T=±5℃ ±2E-8 -148dBc/Hz @1KHz
CM55 Small clcok module, 1.5uS/24h DIP 51.0×51.0×13.0 ±1E-10~±5E-10 ±2E-8 -148dBc/Hz @1KHz
CM35P IEEE1588, 1.5uS/8h DIP 35.0×40.0×13.0 1.5us/8h,△T=±5℃ ±5E-8 -148dBc/Hz @1KHz
CM22B Small clcok module, 1.5uS/8h DIP 20.0×20.0×13.0 ~±5E-10 ±5E-8 -148dBc/Hz @1KHz
CM11T Small clcok module, low power, holdover of 5us/1h SMD 10.0×10.0×2.2 ±5E-8 -138dBc/Hz @1KHz