DAPU has a wide range of high stability Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) solutions, which are applied in highly stable products for mass volume consumer applications, telecommunications infrastructure and many other performance critical applications. Features: wide temperature, low g-sensitivity and low phase noise.

Series Photo Features Package(mm) Stability Aging/year Phase noise
T75 Wide Temp., SMD TCXO SMD 7.0×5.0×2.2 ±5E-8 (-40℃~105℃) ±1E-6 -145dBc/Hz @1KHz
T53 Smaller TCXO SMD 5.0×3.2×2.0 ±1E-7 (-40℃~105℃) ±1E-6 -145dBc/Hz @1KHz
T32 Smallest TCXO SMD 3.2×2.5×0.9 ±1E-7 (-40℃~85℃) ±1E-6 -145dBc/Hz @1KHz
T22 Smallest TCXO SMD 2.5×2.0×0.8 ±2.8E-7(-40℃~85℃) ±1E-6 -145dBc/Hz @1KHz
T21 Small size, low power, stratum 3 TCXO SMD 2.0×1.6×0.7 ±2.8E-7(-40℃~85℃) ±1E-6 -145dBc/Hz @1KHz