DAPU Telecom Participated in the First HKUST Alumni Reunion Exhibition

        On November 24th, the first alumni reunion exhibition of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology was held on the beautiful side of Clearwater Bay. Cindy Chen, the founder of Dapu Telecom, as one of the alumni of HKUST, brought DAPU back to this exhibition.
        At 12:30, the current president, Wei Shyy, delivered a speech, officially kicking off the first alumni reunion, putting the activity into a very exciting and lively atmosphere
        During the 27 years from its founding, HKUST has trained a batch of senior talents and enterprises, and the alumni are eager to actively return to their alma mater with the innovative spirit. DAPU Telecom, led by Cindy Chen, is such a company. DAPU Telecom was established in 2005,it is a state-level high-tech enterprise located in Songshan Lake, Dongguan. During these 14 years, Dapu always adheres to technological first and technological innovation. In this alumni show, Dapu exhibited its crystal oscillators, 1588 clock chips and equipments, LoRa modules and gateway, and also the MCU chips. The cutting-edge technology and outstanding achievements attracted the attention, inquiry and appreciations from many students and school leaders. There are also many alumni who came to share the entrepreneurial process and experiences.
        DAPU is very young, and our dream is very young, we will keep our initial aspiration in the future, to sail farther, to gratitude more, and to add more wonderful chapters to the alma mate-HKUST.